How many times do you need to listen for understanding completely? Once I were in a conference about IELTS exam, the master told the main and most effectiveness skill is listening. Listen more and it effects on your speaking and even reading. I often watch TED talk videos and I have a big problem. If I listen to a short audio it is easier for me to focus on it and keep my concentration but if I watch a video the pictures busy my mind and I lose my concentration and long videos is so hard.
When I listen once I get the total concept. I need two or three times to get more details (just 50%). The subtitle is helpful to get all details. The main problem is concentration. I can’t keep my focus on listening and disturbing thoughts occupy my mind. Worse of all is when I have to listen in a public place like a class. As you know in English classes, the audios or videos play in front of the class and the focus is harder because I use to listen by handsfree or speaker close to myself. I am jealous to students who get at first time and in public play.
Can you get the details in first play?
How can I practice my mind to stay focus on long listening?

Jun 4, 2018 11:42 PM
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I don't know if this is the best idea, but try watching a lot of movies. It exposes you to different situations where you'll know how to respond certain statements. TED talk can also be a good practice, however I wouldn't really recommend watching TED talk alone. 

When we're learning a language, we tend to give our 100% focus to EVERY SINGLE WORD a native speaker would say, and when we miss a word or didn't catch its meaning, our minds tend to hold on to THAT word while the conversation is progressing. 

Try listening to people and understand the MEANING of what they're saying, and not EVERY WORD of what they're saying. Sooner or later, you'll realize that you've been subconsciously listening to what people say. Listening to the target language soon comes natural.

That's just my 2 cents. Hope it makes sense. 

June 5, 2018
Same here,I think it needs to practice,practice and practice .
June 4, 2018

Thanks for your recommends James and Vafa. i try your way. i hope i could concentrate on visual , long lectures.


June 5, 2018
Hi Melika. I know tge answer of ur problem. First of all, u should know this is an ability of u. This meabs u have a 3d imagination of objects (more analytical and in depth) that's why u probably can focus on one think better than focusing on multiple subjects (like a good mathematician).

Second, I believe instead of watching TED, you listen to different songs first. Then u'll notice 70% of tget is not familiar to you and u don't understand it. Then see the lyrics. U'll notice u know more than 80% of that. The thing is that differentiating between simple words is the main cause of ur problem (the song or any conversation is comprised of simple words). After reading the lyric replay the song and listen to it. Again u will notice u can't completely recognize all words that's because the way ur brain analyzes is different than the way u memorize it (analyzing takes more time so there's a delay while the singer moved to the next verse, so ur behind now!).
This is what happens with the picture and the voice.

What should u do?
Instead of generally listening, listen every detail. Listen a passage 3 times untill ur brain can recognize every word (I dont recommand TED, maybe VOA is a better choice). This small pieces of sentenses with complete understanding ia 10 fold more helpful (for your 3D brain) than the general understanding.

U will see ur progress will be much faster. I hipe I could help u :)
June 5, 2018