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I am sometimes ignored by native English speakers. Was my English wrong or weird?

I sometimes request users who is on this app.

But some of them ignored me.

I am uncomfortable why I was ignored...

Would you check what I said?

Moreover, do you have any advice not be ignored anymore?

I always talk to them like this.



My name is Hiromi, and I'm Japanese.

I'm looking for language exchange friends who can practice speaking with me.

To be honest, I have studied English since I was 12 years old, but I can't speak English fluently yet.

Jun 10, 2018 1:19 AM
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Your introduction seems fine to me. Personally, I would not include the phrase “to be honest.” There’s nothing wrong with it, but I get the feeling you may be translating something from your native language that just isn’t necessary in English. Your profile looks OK as well, and Japanese is a fairly popular language, but the reality is finding a compatible language partner is just not that easy — i.e., it requires patience. The fact is that a lot of learners just aren’t that serious. Another issue may be the difference in time zones — it seems Japan doesn’t share time zones with any major English speaking country. Good luck!

June 10, 2018
This seems like a reasonable introduction! There's nothing wrong or offensive with your comment.
June 10, 2018
Never send full introduction..just say few words of line.
June 10, 2018

you are a part of this world . your goal is learning . no one can stop you . you can do everything to achieve your goal . what they said on you is not important because when you don't care about their speech you will find your self at the end with a great English level.

finally don't miss that everyone makes mistakes & the mistake is the beginning of success .

best wishes to you .

June 10, 2018

Often I get messages from strangers and all they say is "Hi". Nothing else. So I think you have a written a nice, clear introduction, and in my opinion the other people are being discourteous not replying to you, I assume you are only contacting people learning Japanese. Also some people have written on their profile that they are currently not interested in language exchange, so make sure you check people's profiles first.

It only takes a minute, 30 seconds to reply: "Thanks for your message but sorry, I already have enough language partners/don't want a language partner". But it seems people'a lives are so busy that they can't even spare this time to be polite!

June 10, 2018
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