" How old are you ?"

To women, how do you feel if someone ask you that question ?

I don't know if that is a rude question in your countries or not but it is totally no problem in my country.

Especially, on Tet holiday, my relatives even ask me more personal questions such as 

" How much is your salary ?", " Why aren't you married yet? "  and so on.

So if you come to my country, you had better prepare your answers. ^^

Of course, not all elder people ask questions like that.

Jun 10, 2018 4:04 AM
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Hi Tuyet, I'm also a Vietnamese and personally I'm not offended when being asked about my age, but I would really feel my personal life being so violated when someone asks me if I had a boyfriend yet or how much I earn per month. But I guess it's a cultural thing and it's been like that since forever so I think it's up to us now, the young generation to change that impolite manner in everyday social life. 
June 10, 2018

Those questions are considered quite personal.  I would feel uncomfortable answering them if I did not know very well.


June 10, 2018

Hi Tuyet,

In Slovakia in general it is considered as an inappropriate  question, but it often depends on circumstances. As for me, I don't mind being asked. Everybody can see how old I am in my profile. It is just the number. Each period of life is great whaterver it is. 

June 12, 2018

In my country "Iran" sometimes people ask personal questions like "why dont u get married" or even "why u get fat" or something like these! of course many people dont like to answer... I see these kind of questions usully by older people or relatives. and youngers mostly consider it rude.

and about the age.. we also use  "which year was you born" its a common question and it is not very rude although some women don't like to answer... 

June 10, 2018
In my country, these questions are consider too personal. For me personally, I don't mind so much if I am asked these questions but I am always careful when asking someone.  I would always say "if you don't mind me asking"..
June 10, 2018
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