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How would you guys control yourself, especially your behavior when you're furious? Do you think telling the person who you're arguing with everything you're having in mind is a good idea? 

I consider myself as a short-tempered person and I'm trying to learn how to control my anger. And let me tell you something, it's always easier said than done. :(

Jun 10, 2018 7:25 AM
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- Distance yourself from toxic people. The kind of people you argue regularly with. Even if they have some good traits.

- Learn to care less about what others think and you'll be happier generally.

June 10, 2018

The easiest is to slowly count to ten-try not to just erupt.

Become conscious of your breathing and aim to reduce the rate of breathing

-breathe slowly and deeply making sure the inhalation is a half the length of your exhalation.-a longer exhalation!

slow, deliberate, conscious breathing helps a lot- it will help you feel more relaxed and therefore less angry a lot faster.

All the best!

June 10, 2018
You will always continue to be triggered to get furious unless you understand the game.
June 10, 2018
Maybe I got that attitude when i was still young,because me and my older brother always fight and everytime I argue with him I always ended up crying making me look like loser. Haha! That's why I don't like confronting as much as I can because I don't wanna end up crying infront of the person I'm arguing with. Haha
June 10, 2018
Hmm when I'm angry I don't usually talk to that person right away because it would definitely make the situation worst. I'll try to keep it in myself first and wait until I'm calm and afterwards that's the time I would analyze or think what just happened. Often times, I just let it pass because I really do not know how to confront a person but if I'm fed up that's the only time I would talk to that person. And that's a rare case for me. Haha!
June 10, 2018
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