Something I wonder

What are you guys doing on this site?

First of all, I wanna express many thanks to people making friends or sending messages to me and apologies for not to reply. I signed up long time ago and now I just wanna read some articles about languages here. 

I had some bad experience here such as repeating answers for question templates, receiving pics of naked bodies of them or giving me conditions if I wanna be helped practice. 

I have an especial friend who confessed that he's a gay. He may the best friend I ever had here. I meant her and that's it. 

People say there ain't no such things as free lunch. I found out its true already

Jun 13, 2018 1:27 PM
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At first I came here to receive help with some Japanese translations. Which I did receive from some truly wonderful people. Now that purpose is done with. So I just hang around leaving mundane comments under people's discussions to curb my boredom, as I'm a very restless individual who constantly needs to stimulate his brain with randomness. This comment just helped me kill 3 minutes of waiting time until I finally receive my takeout. A nachos burger. Which I'm going to eat in an hour after today's fast ends. 
June 13, 2018