вы или ты with language partners? I'm just starting to learn Russian, and I read that when speaking to someone you don't know you use the formal вы. I don't know enough Russian to have a conversation, but I see people using ты and вы here on the discussion boards. I'm just curious which should I use when I start speaking or writing to Russian natives. 
Feb 7, 2019 6:50 PM
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I would also recommend to use "вы" until you hear a person say "давай на ты" (let's use ты) , which would mean the person is ready to  become closer to you, to trust you more, or he will just feel more comfortable using this pronoun. Good luck with Russian!
February 7, 2019
Use "вы" for writing comments on this site. And use "вы" as well when you have your first conversation with a new language partner.
February 7, 2019

Use Вы and you never make a mistake.

As for me.
If my interlocutor is older than me i use Вы. With age-mates i prefer Ты. 

February 7, 2019
I always use вы but be prepared because some people prefer "ты". They say "we're not talking business here so why вы?" However, вы is generally safer. I, for example, feel greatly uncomfortable when people I don't know start to ты me.
February 7, 2019
There are general rules around this but since it is cultural it is best to follow the native speaker's lead. Be prepared to use вы but in my experience we always go to ты
February 7, 2019
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