Updating the English Language for the next 50 to 100 years

Hello everyone!

I wonder what will Oxford English Dictionary can update by spelling for the next 50 to 100 years as of 20th March 2019?

for example...

‘sulfur’ is now acceptable spelling in the UK spelling only in Chemistry where ‘sulphur’ is a common spelling.

’fetus’ is acceptable only in medical literature while ‘foetus’ is an ordinary spelling.

’judgment’ is only use in Law journals but ‘judgement’ is an ordinary spelling.

I don’t know if we can use the future updated words for UK Spelling.  

Along with the following spelling

Colour, centre, mollusc, travelling, skilful, organization, realize, analyse, defence, catalogue, yogurt, spelled/spelt

 also, I can spell as

sulfur, fetus, (judgment?),  

I would like to focus on the well-educated, formal and academic vocabulary over the colloquial and laid-back.  What words will become obsolete?  Currently, ‘gaol’ for ‘jail, ‘connexion’ for ‘connection’, ‘encyclopaedia’ for ‘encyclopedia’, and ‘mediaeval’ for ‘medieval’ is now dated unless they are from the older publications.  Also will the -t past endings/participles such as burnt/spelt/dreamt/learnt/spoilt become obsolete and then we can only use burned/spelled/dreamed/learned/spoiled?

I focus on the original spelling rather than the alternative spelling.

Anyways, Thanks a million for your time to read my disucussion

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Raymart Lipat

Mar 21, 2019 1:11 AM
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