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भारत / INDIA and INDIANS. What world knows,How world see India, How people find it if visited ever to India?
Hello all, 
               What people knows about India and the Indian culture, do you find that India as a nation left some footprints to follow, it may good or bad . While writting anything, it may really worst, please feel free to write 

Awaiting your response .

Mar 21, 2019 6:37 AM
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Terecia I agree with you but that was a older India now India is changed 

Our slogun is Gest is good ("Athiti Devo Bhava")

I am not feeling bad ,in India daily a lot of foreigner come to visit historical place , religion place ( tample ),
Tak visit etc.

Now India is changed my suggestion to you plz once again visit .

March 21, 2019
    There are some Indian community in my area. They were born in Indonesia. The young generation couldn't speak Hindi or any Indian dialects. There's even an international school run by Indians, it's called Mahatma Gandhi International school.
     I've never been to India, but my spouse has been there for couple of days when he was a teenager (about 20 years ago). He went to New Delhi. He said the road was like Indonesian capital city, hustling and bustling, traffic jam everywhere with the scenes of overloaded public transportations.
    Some shopkeepers were unfriendly, but I think it might be just a cultural gap (FYI, my spouse comes from an area who is well known for being the most polite ethnic in Indonesia)
    He loves the food, though. He still does. So, do I.
    I once watched a documentary about the education system in India. The interviewer asked a lot of primary students about what they want to be in the future. What impressed me a lot is that almost 80-90% of them were so determined on seeing their future as a IT programmers, surgeons, and scientist. I was speechless. Is it true?
     Indians also portrayed as good in Mathematics. It it some kind of stereotype or does it have the truth behind it?
March 21, 2019
A planet.
March 21, 2019