Create new words for the human condition

Have you ever wanted to say something but there wasn't any word to express it? If yes, I am asking you to try to invent a neologism (new word)  to express something new or already well known! 

(The title of the discussion refers not directly to a book written by Ben Schott, where the author does exactly the same. He creates new Komposita (in German) to describe the human contidion.) 

Mar 21, 2019 8:59 PM
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I am hangry now:D I like some portmanteau words such as hangry, motel, smog, brunch etc. Let's not get dumbfounded(dumb+confound) and , make some word filusion(fusion+illusion).
March 22, 2019


Ahaha, thanks for your comment. I will really use "hangry" in my daily life. It really describes my human condition ;)

I really love how my discussions are always so popular...

March 22, 2019

Sure Teresia

Examples from Ben Schott:

Plauschplage (prattle-plague) = the pressure to make small talk with people you interact with every day

Mahlneid (meal-envy) = in a restaurant, the envy that you feel for the meal on someone else's table

Leertratung (empty stair) = to stumble with a inexistent step

My words: 

Inco-living (from incontious) = when you know you don't have to do something because it is bad to your health but you continue doing it 

Hoping-hope = when you strongly hope something, even if you know it is impossible to get real

March 22, 2019
Ciao, Eleonora

     I'm interested, how does it work? Could you give an example?
March 21, 2019