Alexander Schorsch
What does your ideal teacher look like?

Hey italki Fam, 

at first, I wish you a great start into the weekend! 

As I am passionate about helping others and italki provides a great way to do so,  I´d like to constantly improve my way of teaching. 

Thus, I´d like to know, how the ideal teacher does  look  like for you?

Which attributes are most important for you, which teaching methods do you prefer and which things are important for you, when looking for a teacher? 

Wish you a great day! 

Mar 22, 2019 5:59 AM
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I think the best teacher for me it is who can make things easy and simple. If lesson by lesson I see that I understand less and less and that study becomes a lagorithm..then I say "good bye".
March 22, 2019
I think a teacher must be friendly.. he should help a student whenever needed not only once but everytime he or she asks for without giving a second thought.. a teacher must know interactive teaching techniques that can stimulate interest in a student on a specific topic to learn and know more about it
March 22, 2019