What is the difference between Wisdom and Knowledge?
Mar 22, 2019 9:23 AM
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Knowledge is power, wisdom is the guide,

knowledge is enticing, wisdom is empowering

knowledge is sharp, wisdom is shooting

knowledge is sexy, wisdom is sacrosanct

So, all in all, if knowledge is a wild horse, wisdom is the bridle. If there is no wisdom, knowledge is just power and the nature of power ,by default, is destruction.

March 22, 2019

Hello Mayo,

I will assume you know what knowledge is, which is the amount of information that has been acquired over a particular subject. 

Wisdom on the other hand, is the ability to rightly apply what one knows; or the correct application of the information -knowledge. 

For example, knowledge is knowing what the traffic lights stand for. Wisdom, however, is deciding whether to cross the road or not.

Best regards. 

March 22, 2019
Good question, I think all of us English speakers can agree that "wisdom" is much more profound than knowledge. Beyond this, I think the definition would depend on the person.

Wisdom to me is something that old people have, they really only use that word when talking about old people that's why. If we look at the uses of "knowledgeable" and "wise" maybe that might help to understand these words. You can be knowledgable about a topic, but not wise about a topic. You can make a wise decision, but not a knowledgeable one. Perhaps wise refers to a gained understanding when making choices/decisions, while knowledge is what you know about a certain thing. Let's see what others have to say.

March 22, 2019

"Knowledge" is based on the word "know;" it means "knowing things."

"Wisdom" is based on the word "wise." It means "wiseness" (which is also a word, but a very rare one).

"Wisdom" means a combination of knowledge and judgement. It usually applies to human situations involving other people, or complex situations that can't be analyzed completely. 

Consider this situation. "I have $30,000 and it is all the money I have in the world. This car costs exactly $30,000. I will get my paycheck in a week. I know of nothing I will need to buy before then. I will buy this car."

The person saying this has knowledge. He knows how much money he has. He knows what the car costs. Within the limits of his knowledge, he does not know any reason not to buy it."

I would say to this person "That is not a wise decision, because after you buy the car you will have no money left at all. That is a risky situation. You may not know why you will need money before your next paycheck. I can't tell you why. But the wise thing is to assume you will. My wisdom is that it is important always to have a cash reserve. You can buy this car, but it would be wise to look for a less expensive car."

March 22, 2019

You can accumulate all the knowledge, or the facts you want, you will not become wise.

An old man (Griot for example) can stay still under a tree and have incredible wisdom. He has really looked at the world with full consciousness and deep philosophy.

March 22, 2019
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