What's the meaning of the sentence? そのような映画や歌に出た祭りは運命の出会い起る魔法みたいな所で、不思議でドキドキさせるように描写されている Someone please explain the sentence. I'm finding it difficult to translate. 
Mar 22, 2019 1:55 PM
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"The Japanese festival in the movie or the song was just described as a magical place where people meet their soulmate with great excitement."

「運命の出会い」means "a faithful encounter" "meet someone you meant to be met / to be together"
「ドキドキする」is a verb describing fast heart beating / pounding (when you are excited, nervouse, or frightened).

"ドキドキ(する)" here can be heart pounding caused by
(1) the excitement towards the magical place(祭り・魔法のような所)where you may meet your perfect match
(2) the excitement when you face wonderful encounter(運命の出会い)at the festival

March 22, 2019