meet the old friends Hi everyone, who read this ?
Please comment below if you have any experience meet your old friend , very close 

Because today i Will meet my friends and her Lil family, so I am so excited . It's been about 6 years we didnt meet. We were like a pair of shoe, that's why i called her my soulsepatu, in Indonesia sepatu is shoes. We do a lot of things together at undergraduate school. And now she has husband and son.
So it must be a lot of stories to be told
Mar 23, 2019 2:36 AM
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Thank you, Nana.
March 26, 2019
Thanks yamul, sara n Bella for your comments, and i'm so Amazed with your friendship, hopefully that we always can keep our friends relationship
March 26, 2019

Thank you Nana for a nice topic.

I had two friends at last years of school. We used to spend a lot of time together, but after graduation I went to University in big city and they stayed in my native town. 

One of those friends I met often enough as she lives in the same street with my parents but we lost our soul connection. Another friend I met four or five times during 25 years but when she invited me to her home last summer we could not stop talking. In the winter we went to mountains together and now we talk almost every week.

People say that you can't enter to one river twice, but I'm sure you can find your friend again:)

March 23, 2019
Most of my best friends live abroad mostly in America or the middle east as I use to live there in my childhood and teenage years. I talk to all my friends after every 2 or 3 days.
Two years ago my friend came from Texas we lived together slept together time seems to fly. When you are that close to someone their family is also your family. Sometimes due to long distance, it takes a lot of effort to maintain the friendship. When I used to live abroad I maintain the friendship with my Pakistani friends through lengthy letters. I still have a box filled with letters.
It is interesting that in Indonesian you call them shoe, in Urdu, we call someone like that your liver or heart. (Jigar,dil).
Enjoy every minute with your friend and her little one. It will be precious and memorable.

March 23, 2019
I have a friend, we were classmate in junior high school and its about 10 or 11 years ago.
We never met after school graduation, but always chit chat on facebook. The last we chat he said that he was in yogyakarta and wanted to go to lampung with his vespa community and i said, i will wait you in medan.
And i got nothing news from him anymore.
2017 he sent me a message, he told me that he was in my hometown.
Last year i went to my home town, and we met and had an easy talk. He said that, Its been years, travelling to another cities but we never met. Suddenly we met here, in your hometown. And we laughed.
March 23, 2019