Murad H
Career Development - Discussions and lessons

Hi there, 

It's certain that many of us are learning a new language to develop their careers somehow. That's awesome! It actually does help. But, there're other skills that can also help you develop your career such as mindfulness, time management, and leadership for instance.

In addition, each of us have some successful experiences and other ones that we learned lessons from. Let us in this area discuss and tell others our successful stories and those ones we learned from them and what skills you are working on right now. 

Let me start …

I did well as a student in high school and college. Most of my grades were A or A+. I got an internship to USA in 2013. After I graduated I had two options either to continue for higher studies or to start a job. I decided to do a job. Now after 3 years of experience as a project engineer I can tell you that I found the real life experience tougher and many skills were needed to succeed in work. Training courses and reading books were essential factors to career development to help me work professionally in workplace. The skills that I found really important were effective communication and decision making. Also English was a key thing all the time. Right now I'm working on developing my business writing and presentation skills in addition to project management. 

I hope I can achieve my goals successfully as I planned for .. 

Tell us some of your experiences that can help students and fresh graduates in career path  :) 



Mar 23, 2019 11:13 AM