please correct me the translation in English * Le Maroc ressemble à un arbre dont les racines nourricières plongent profondément dans la terre de l'Afrique, et qui respirent grâce à son feuillage bruissant aux vents de l'Europe.

*Morocco resembles a tree whose roots are nourished deep in the land of Africa, and which breathe thanks to its foliage to the winds of Europe.
Mar 23, 2019 12:43 PM
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The phrase "a tree whose roots are nourished" is perfectly correct. Yes, we can use "whose" to refer to a tree. Alternatively, we could say "a tree the roots of which are nourished", however, while technically correct, nobody talks that way (it's ridiculously formal). The word "that" has no possessive form, so we cannot use it here.
April 15, 2019
Morocco resembles a tree whose roots are planted deeply in the land of Africa and that breathes thanks to its ??? by the winds of Europe.
1. "nourished deeply" isn't necessarily incorrect, but for the translation planted fits better as no native speaker would say "nourished deeply." 
2. No comma is needed because there is not a new subject after the conjunction "and"
3. which isn't needed because there is no new phrase
4. Breathes is the correct tense for single third person present tense
5. I'm not sure what word to place for <em>foliage. </em>I would need more context, but, either way, <em>foliage </em>is not the word or "by the winds of Europe" is not the right phrase. 
6. "to the winds of Europe is incorrect" because <em>to</em> implies something is being done to the winds. However, it is clear the winds are affecting something so <em>by </em>is correct here. 

Hope that helps!
April 15, 2019
Well Shakura I can help you with improving your English as long you also help improve my Spanish too, I heard Moroccans speak Spanish too
March 23, 2019
deeply may be better than deep here 

you are excellent . Keep going forward 

I can help you so much in English Could you please help me in Moroccan dialect and French please ?

March 23, 2019
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