CEFR in Arabic Hello everyone!
I hope someone knows answer for this. Is there an equivalent terms to describe the levels of language proficiency in Arabic as the CEFR?
If I would talk about how well I speak certain languages then which words I can use?
Mar 23, 2019 10:41 PM
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Hi Safia, CEFR levels in Arabic are called:

المُبتَدئ الأول

المُبتَدئ الثاني

المُتَوسِّط الأول

المُتوسِّط الثاني

المُتَقَدِّم الأول

المُتَقَدِّم الثاني

March 23, 2019
ألف شكرا
March 24, 2019
I can help u with it
March 23, 2019
Of course every language has its own expressions to describe things 
March 23, 2019