Does small thing matte to you?

I am talking from a linguistic perspective. We might be coming across people complimenting, commenting and expressing their feelings but not necessarily in similar manner. There is this "small thing" some people lack while doing so. Should we blame them? NO, but definitely we can blame their laziness or the lack of caring or committing attitude. I would like to listen from you what you think of this but before that, let me give you some examples so that you would not get confused what I just said!:D

A: I love you

B: Love you

A: I am sorry

B: Sry

A:I can do it

B: I will try

A: You must come to the party

B: If you want you can

and so on...

I wish you all have an amazing day! Have a nice day  :))

Thank you for your precious time:)

PS: Oops! I am sorry for the title, it should be:

Does small thing matter to you?

Mar 24, 2019 7:46 AM
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Here is an example:

We have the choice of saying thank you or thanks.

The following is my opinion:

- we say thank you (formal) to people older than us or in a higher position (or even people we have just met)

- we say thanks (informal) to our friends and family members

Also, saying hello to someone by saying hey does not sound right to older people.
It even sounds disrespectful because hey is an interjection that is used to get someone's attention or to warn someone of possible danger (usually spoken quickly and loudly as an interjection)

March 24, 2019

Troglodyte, may I offer a little correction? "Do small things matter to you"

I'm not sure what you mean by this. People are different so they express their thoughts/requests differently (it would be very weird if everyone used the same words for the same situation... I just imagined it, like... If every time people helped someone, the other person, no matter who they are, would always answer with an unchanging "thank you"... No "thanks", "thanks for your help", "thanks a lot", "thank you so much", "thanks a million", "really appreciate it", "you're a lifesaver", "you're the best", just always the unchanging "thank you"... that would be a little creepy... Ok, sorry, I digress). What do you mean by these little details mattering to us?

March 24, 2019

Thank you Terecia for putting and sharing your experiences from the entry section. And that's what I wanted to say by this post. The more you talk(I mean not unnecessarily, of course!) the better you get to know others and get connected to them in a friendly manner as you, yourself, have experienced it by becoming friends with some who corrected your entry!

I am glad you found this post useful and I am looking forward to reading your post about some interesting suggestions! By the way, you can call me in short Trogy or Cave man, haha small thing matters:D

March 25, 2019
Trog... (am I allowed to call you by that name?)

    I recall I once read other's response to his correctors. The way he responded really attracted my attention. He always stated the points he got corrected. For instance, "The usage of "spilled the tea" is exactly what I need. Never thought of using it in my sentence. Thanks."
I can feel his seriousness and appreciation on what the correctors has given by pointing out which one did help him. Honestly, I imitate his method.           
    Surprisingly, somethimes I became friends with the correctors afterward.
     I think I'll post a topic to people here how to give appreciation to correctors and answeres. 
      Thank you so much for bringing up this topic. You have aroused a great idea in my mind.

March 25, 2019
The other day a user sent me this cryptic message : "hlw]". I had no clue what they meant with it, so I googled it. The first thing that came up was:

acronym for "hot like wasabi", i.e. of an Asian female, attractive. From the band Barenaked Ladies' song "One Week."

I didn't appreciate that kind of message and blocked the user without further comment. Later I found out that it could also mean "hello". But honestly, I'm not interested in someone who is even too lazy to write the simple word "hello" in their first message. I already despise "hi" messages but at least I know what they mean. But I'm not going to start decoding and deciphering messages of people who can't be bothered to write a proper message and just writes "u" or "y" instead of "you" or "n" instead of "and".

March 24, 2019
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