sinbata busy
Hindi article writing will write some articles in hindi(latin alphabet )

and then all the talkiers can discuss together

thx a lot

1 italki borho upayogee hai

Mar 24, 2019 11:08 AM
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mohan ji

thank you so much for ur guiding first

before i took a class abt hindi script already but i just don't revision now because i want to clear the pronouns first that y i typed h latin form

and if i know somebody else interest in hindi script ,i shall inform to you sir

thx ji

March 25, 2019
ठीक है।
लगे रहिए।
गुुुड लक।
March 25, 2019
Gud you decided to write Hindi.
You can learn Hindi script.
If need help contact me.

Btw now written hindi is too formal.
E.g. upyoogi word no one uses in normal talk in cities.
"Useful" word is  used.
 - italki bahut he kaam ki cheez  hai.
March 24, 2019