Italki app vs website, pros and cons Are you using the italki app or the website or both? Which version do you like better? I’m using both and since I do most of my commenting via my phone, I’m using both versions on my phone. 

Pros of the app:

- it’s easier to correct notebook entries and to comment without hitting the character limit because the app doesn’t keep previous formatting 

- no need to hit the “show more button” several times to reach the end of a longer discussion. When scrolling down, the app automatically loads more comments

- it’s possible to delete messages in the messenger


- messenger is slow (new messages appear on the website quicker than in the app) and there’s a strict character limit on the messages

- when correcting and colour-coding one can only choose the colour yellow

- the language partner search tool is almost impossible to find, so that new users aren’t aware of this tool

- you can’t see the whole profile of another user. Some informations like country of origin, gender, activity history are only visible on the website.

- Maybe I’m doing something wrong but for whatever weird reason I can’t post notebook entries or discussion posts via the app. I can type the text but it doesn’t let me choose a language, so I always have to post via the website  (Strangely enough after posting this discussion I and reading Omid's comment, I wrmt back to the area where you create discussions and notebook entries and now it let's me choose a language. Problem solved but I don't know why it didn't work before.)

- it’s not possible to copy text in the app, so when I’m commenting via the app but would like to quote another user, I have to switch to the web browser, copy the text there and go back and paste it in the app. 

Anyone else here using both versions and having similar experiences?

Mar 24, 2019 5:13 PM
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Funnily, after reading your comment, I tried and now it worked that I could choose languages for discussion threads and notebook entries but I swear that I tried for months and it didn't work. What kind of magic did you do there? ;) The character limit isn't so much a problem for the person who posts a notebook entry but for the corrector. Some texts have to be divided into three parts for correction via web browser. I guess that maybe new users who use their phone a lot prefer the app and long term users and teachers prefer to use the website.

March 24, 2019


I got a notification that you commented on this discussion but I can’t see your comment. It’s very likely that you’re blocked and your posts are invisible to others. Contact the italki team and ask them to reinstate you.

March 24, 2019
I didn't try the app on cellphone yet. I'm spending most of my time at home so I think that I really don't need to use phone app. In my case website is much better I think.
March 24, 2019
Never used the app, I just log in to italki in Google Chrome when I'm using my phone, and it automatically displays the mobile version. This mobile version doesn't have any of the app's cons you listed. I don't think I'll ever be using the app then, I'm satisfied with the mobile version of the website.
March 24, 2019
I am trying to use the new italki site for some days now. As I was experiencing some problems they told me it was because I am using an iPad and with iPads it’s better to use the app. So I have downloaded the app and now I am trying to get used to the app also, besides the new site. I really don’t know what will be better to use.
August 19, 2019
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