to learn english language Hello everyone  i'm indonesian. And I don't know wht should i do in here, i just wondering how to speek english
Mar 25, 2019 1:42 PM
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Hi there! If you are looking for a Community Coach to practice your English speaking abilities then feel free to schedule an appointment with me from my profile page! Together we can improve on your English skills :) 
March 25, 2019

part 2

     Make sure that you set your message available for others to contact you. You can go to:

(1) Account Settings, scroll down the button on the right of your profile picture

(2) click on Privacy on the top of the bar

(3) On the Contact Permission, set the option of Who Can Send Me A Message or A Chat as Anyone.

       I'll really appreciate if you'd consider my suggestions for not just using the discussion board to look for partners.

Thank you,


March 25, 2019

Hello, Made

     You could use some tools here to improve your English while looking for a conversational partner, such as:

(1) Answers section to ask questions

(2) Notebook section to write a short interesting composition

(3) Discussion forum to discuss anything (bear in mind to avoid politics, religions, and gender topics). 

     There's a chance that you could find some good partners if you're active enough in:

(1) correcting others' notebook entries in your language

(2) answers others' questions in your language

(3) taking part in discussions by writing decent comments (avoid bashing the discussion poster).

March 25, 2019