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italki's latest Newsletter, "10 Reasons You Should Join A Language Learning Community"...

I've just finished reading italki's most recent Newsletter entitled, "10 Reasons You Should Join A Language Learning Community".

The article suggests that there are many benefits to joining italki's Facebook group called 'For the love of languages'.

Personally, I don't care for Facebook, so the Facebook group is of little interest to me.

However, I was surprised to discover that the Newsletter article, written by a British gentleman (apparently an italki user) was somewhat challenging to read because of some of the unsubstantiated and inaccurate claims made in the article, as well as some of the unusual and/or potentially incorrect grammar used.  After careful review of the article, I noted 13 actual or potential issues.

Did you read the article?

Are you a member of the Facebook Group (For the love of languages)?

What is/are your impression(s) of the Facebook group?

Do you recommend that others join the Facebook group?

What is your opinion of the article (i.e., the author's comments, claims, or grammar)?

Did the article encourage you to join the Facebook group?


Link to the Newsletter article:

Mar 25, 2019 3:42 PM
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Oh my. Just skimmed through the article. A lot of blabla. Italki is a language learning community. I fail to see the advantage of the FB group compared to the italki community. I find the following sentence almost comical "By starting a discussion on italki's Facebook page you'll get help and input from professional teachers, and residents of China, Taiwan and Singapore." Facebook is blocked in China. It's only possible to access it via VPN. Chinese prefer to use Wechat, so the FB group has hardly any members from mainland China, while the italki webpage has many.

Btw, I'm a member, even a moderator of the FB group but it doesn't add any additional value to the community here. I do like FB groups for learning languages, but I know better ones than the group For the Love of Languages. I think it's ok to join the group when one is active on FB anyway. But if one doesn't like FB, they shouldn't join just because of this group.

Edited for typos.

March 25, 2019

Hello Richard! Yes, I went through the article but didn't read it from top to bottom. First of all, Facebook is not my cup of tea, so whatever he wrote was not convincing for me. Even though the author tried his best putting some eye caching/cheesy subtitles such as "A gateway to paradise"(seriously?), it was not at all convincing, rather I would say condescending; as if he was glorifying it too much!

If italki seriously wants to say bye bye to the community and is trying  to divert it toward the Facebook, well, then best of luck to them, I will better learn language in my cozy cave!

March 25, 2019
I did not read the article yet, but thought I would share my experience with the Facebook group. I am a member , but not so enthusiastic about participating there, simply because here on the italki site, I can save my time & concentrate by choosing what I want to spend my time in, whether I want to read articles, correct entries in the Arabic section, read in the discussion section, have a look at the Spanish & Farsi entry notebooks or get benefits from reading the answers on some questions. Despite the fact that italki is not an easy site to use for me " there is no search icon, I cannot correct entry note books sometimes, it is difficult to keep up with the discussions I am interested in, I cannot write any thing in my entry note book these days " , despite all that, italki is more organized & time saver than the Facebook group. 
March 25, 2019


Thank you for providing a good, accurate description of the Facebook group as well as the italki website.
It is disappointing to see many users disappear from italki.
On several occasions, the website has undergone changes and each time there were new problems with the modified/upgraded site.

Many of the italki members have said that they do not use or do not want to use Facebook. 

Let's hope that italki will improve the site and the italki experience.

March 25, 2019

Dear Edited for Typos... :)

I'm glad to see that you've taken the time to add to this discussion.

Your comments are all the more meaningful because you are familiar with Facebook language groups and you are even an italki/Facebook language group moderator (something for which italki should recognize you).

I agree with your comments regarding the value of the group as well as your opinion about joining or not joining Facebook just to access the group.

Thank you Miriam, for your knowledgeable insight and advice.

March 25, 2019
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