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どうやって袴と一緒にアクセサリーを着ますか? | Help me with my graduation outfit
今週の金曜日私は大学から卒業します。私の専門は日本語と日本の文化です。卒業式のために袴を着付けて決めました。私の袴は赤いスカートとピンクの墓を付けたき問の着物があります。日本で卒業するの女はよく髪の毛に花を付けて認めました。花の種類が大切ですか?卒業式のために特別な花がありますか? 私の髪の毛で花を付けたいけどどんな花を使いかどうか分かりません。
On Friday I'm graduating from university. My degree is in Japanese language and culture so I have decided to wear a Hakama. The skirt is red and the top is yellow with pink flowers. I noticed a lot of girls have flowers in their hair when they graduate. Is the type of flower important? are there special flowers for graduation?? I want to know what kind of flowers I should buy to put in my hair.
Mar 25, 2019 9:51 PM
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hello~ congratulations
As Mina mentioned above, you can wear any kind of  flowers . I ve never heard of flowers for graduation.
If there is no way to find them, well...
at the last resort, you can make them by youself . 
Go to the youtuve video, serch for 
"tsumami  zaiku"  then, give a try ~
good luck 
March 26, 2019
You can wear your favorite flowers.

Kimono shop has a hair accessories

Just google 卒業式 袴 髪型

March 25, 2019

Mina ありがとうございました!

I live in New Zealand so I don't have any Kimono shops near me, and it's too late to purchase online.

Are there any specific flowers you should use, or you can choose whatever you like?

March 25, 2019