My roommate says she is hearing some voices and seeing some things nowadays. She has lost her uncle 4 days ago. She cried a lot. Yesterday she said to another roommate of mine that they argued each other which had never happened.

And this morning we were at the bus. It appeared to me that she got scared because of something. When I asked her if she was all right,  she said "someone hold my arm and I saw his hand." No body touched her. 

She has just gotten out of the bathroom, her face was pale. She told us someone called her name when she was taking bath. "I asked if it was you, but there was no reply."

I am so confused. Are these normal when you lost someone you love so much? What should I say to relieve her? 
Mar 26, 2019 5:28 PM
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It's definitely not normal! And I would suggest that she visits a psychiatrist.
March 26, 2019

It could be. I am not the expert but I think that's a mix of people oddity. First of them is finding connections between unconnected situations (for example: yesterday I saw a black cat and today i broke my leg). Second is finding faces, words, etc. in regular things ("oh, that cloud is smiling" or "when you play that song backwards, you'll hear weird sentences"). And the last and the most important of them: she constantly thinks about him and his dead, and that's the short way to thinking about ghosts, etc. Her mind is full of that thoughts, and her imagination just boosting.

March 26, 2019