I want to practice my english I can help you with indonesian language I want to speak english maybe you can help me practice my english.

I also can speak fluenty bahasa you if you wanna know about bahasa indonesia

Mar 26, 2019 8:13 PM
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part 3

ITalki Apps version

(1) Click on the ii icon on the bottom left

(2) Click on the Gear icon on the up right

(3) There are three options on the Setting tab, choose Privacy. Switch Friend only into Anyone.

     I'll really appreciate if you'd consider my suggestions for not just using the discussion board to look for partners.

Thank you,


March 27, 2019

part 2

     Make sure that you set your message available for others to contact you. You can go to:

ITalki website version

(1) Account Settings, scroll down the button on the right of your profile picture

(2) click on Privacy on the top of the bar

(3) On the Contact Permission, set the option of Who Can Send Me A Message or A Chat as Anyone.

March 27, 2019

Hello, Madelline

     You could use some tools here to improve your English while looking for a conversational partner, such as:

(1) Answers section to ask questions

(2) Notebook section to write a short interesting composition

(3) Discussion forum to discuss anything (bear in mind to avoid politics, religions, and gender topics). 

     There's a chance that you could find some good partners if you're active enough in:

(1) correcting others' notebook entries in your language

(2) answers others' questions in your language

(3) taking part in discussions by writing decent comments (avoid bashing the discussion poster).

March 27, 2019


I want to speak English(1). Maybe you could help me to improve my English. I can also speak bahasa fluently(2) if you want to(3) know bahasa Indonesia.

(1) English is a name, always write the 'E" in a capital letter.

(2) You can put fluently (as an adverb of manner) at the end of a sentence unless the object is rather long, e.g. I can fluently speak Romance and Germanic languages.

(3) Wanna is not a word, English speaker speaks the word want to so fast that it sounds like wanna. Use want to instead.

March 27, 2019
Hii Madeline ..saya baru saja bergabung di italki ..dan saya tertarik untuk belajar banyak bahasa .saya jg dr indonesia ..semoga kedepannya kemampuan kita berbahasa asing boleh bertambah dengan banyak input dr yg berpengalaman ..senang bisa mengenalmu ..dan buat Theresia Elshinta ..apakah anda jg dr Indonesia? Senang bisa membaca respon dan masukan anda ..salam kenal juga . 
March 27, 2019
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