Ian Hahn
Community Tutor
Looking for Sentence Corrections - Swahili

As part of my method for learning, I write sentences for each new word, word usage or grammatical structure I want to learn and then use those sentences to create flash cards. Although my writing in Swahili is fairly sharp at this point, and I am confident that the majority of my sentences are error free, I would still love to have a native speaker take a look at them to make any corrections necessary, or to even take the liberty of making changes based simply on preference for style or structure. 

I have 113 sentences waiting to be looked at, constituting about 1700 words. It would be massively appreciated if any member of the community decided to take an hour or so out of their day to help me out.

If any tutor would be willing to take that free time out of their day, I would certainly entertain the idea of payment. Just shoot me a message and we can chat. 


Mar 26, 2019 8:55 PM