Do you sort your waste (rubbish)? Is waste sorting common where you live? For example, do you separate paper, glass, leftovers at home? Are there necessary conditions and facilities for it? Why do you do it? Is waste sorting an obligation for you or is it your will?
Mar 26, 2019 10:06 PM
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In the place where I live we have different containers for a diverse kind of rubbish. We have common and special containers. It is not an obligation, but most people follow the rules. I think it is the best situation because you are not responsible for other people in your building who don't follow the rules.
March 28, 2019
We tried to separate at least plastic where I live, but the thing is there are no any recycling companies in my town. So, all the garbage goes into the same pit. 
March 28, 2019


You start small, you start with your family and, if everybody does so, the whole society benefit from it. Especially when proper communication between citizens and bodies in charge of recycling programmes is in place. Thank you for sharing your experience.

IT MAN, and who are those people that may refuse to take away your rubbish? Are they some community services' representatives, like garbage collectors, or something else? How can they tell that it's you that haven't sorted your refuse properly? I mean, do they pick up the disposal right from your place or from a disposal site outside?

I'm asking because it's not the case where I live. There's no face-to-face contact between the citizens and the community services (garbage collectors) in my country so nobody knows what you do with your rubbish. And, unfortunately, nobody cares so far. So, no fines, no warnings, unless they catch you red-handed littering rubbish on the ground, right on the spot. And chances to be caught and punished are tiny.

It doesn't mean it's dirty in the streets though, no. But this sloppy approach of doing nothing, this reluctance, showed by local authorities, to create facilities for separate waste collection , it's so wasteful and inefficient, the whole thing makes me feel put out.

March 28, 2019


In most of the cities where rubbish has to be sorted out, the rules can be quite strict. That means if you do not really separate them properly, you may be rejected to dump the rubbish, though the rules might be flexible in some cases.  

As far as I am concerned, I do separate them clearly and properly as much as instructed. If my family do something wrong with the dumping rules, I would ask them to sort out again so as for us to dump the rubbish with no trouble. 

Thanks for your question.  

March 27, 2019
Hi, in my country there are separate bins for glass, plastic, paper and the last one for everything that is not made of those materials. It is not allowed to get rid of electronics, batteries and other toxic materials. You can leave them in big shops and municipal places. Thanks to my little effort more rubbish can be recycled and the environment is a bit cleaner.
March 26, 2019
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