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I want to know great ways to respond to "How are you?" Eveytime someone asks me "how are you?" I say " I'm good, thank you.", but I think it's a bit boring for an answer. So i'd like to know other ways to respond to "how are you"!
Mar 27, 2019 11:23 AM
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I am fine thanks

I’m great

No complain

Not bad

Very well

I’m happy

March 27, 2019
To my best friends: I am much better now that I can see you/talk to you/hear you.
To my student: doing great how about you?
Sometimes when it is a slow day: meh
My philosophical student says: How am I?emotionally?physically?what do you mean Sara.
Sometimes When I am having a good day: can't complain( then we go on and discuss this phrase)
To my one very dear student: Good morning to you good afternoon to me.Good day to both of us. every dam' time.
One of my students says: I am ready to learn
Another student says: not so good and my brain is not working.
My sister says: I am alive
To my family I say: I love my life, it is a dream
Other times: I am bored senseless
{I don't know If these are the kind of answers that you are looking for but hope they are helpful}

March 27, 2019


Now that's an answer you won't hear very often.
When I say "perfect", the other person's eyes open wide and they have a surprised look on their face.
They can't believe that my life is perfect (of course, it's not perfect, but the answer is funny and it's also a very positive answer.

Try it and see what kind of a response you get.

March 27, 2019

This might not be helpful, but it is funny.

In Ireland the normal response to "How are you?", is "How are you?".

March 27, 2019
I'm doing well 
I'm doing alright
I' doing just fine

not too shabby

I'm terrific

March 27, 2019
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