Could you tell me about your life.

How did you find what you are keen on?

For me, I have a lot of things what I want to try, working at cafe or childcare centers, teaching Japanese and Japanese calligraphy etc....but I struggle with my future. Those things are no consistency and it is currently hard to choose for me.

Mar 29, 2019 1:56 AM
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Thank you so much everyone! All you guys comments and thoughtful advices encouraged me. I appreciate you.
March 29, 2019
Find something you enjoy.  :)  If you're referring to find a job. Sometimes people get a job they don't love but that's okay.  I knit, latch hook, cosplay, write stories and do photography.
March 29, 2019

Hi there! Could your zodiac sign be Gemini 双子座 (or you must have some Gemini in your astrology chart)? Lol. Sorry I'm into astrology. I am Taurus, but I have lots of Gemini in my chart. Gemini people are very curious, and they like to try new things.

Anyway, I am like you. I have so many hobbies and interests that I sometimes don't finish doing some stuff and just get back to them when I feel like doing them. My advice is to not think of a job, but think of the lifestyle that you want :). Think of something that you would enjoy doing everyday and that even if it becomes difficult, you'd still like to do it. In the end, 人生一度切り (YOLO), so you should do something that you love and enjoy. If it doesn't make you happy, try another one. Life is too short to keep on doing something we are not happy about. ^_^ 

March 29, 2019
I am the same as you! I want to do many things.

What has helped me a lot is learning to complete one thing at a time. Even if it is hard!

Find something you love to do while you work at one goal at a time. It will motivate you when things get hard.

March 29, 2019
Hi! There should be one of those things that you can do better and you enjoy most. Start for something. I am just trying to be fluent un english and to learn as much as I can. Regards:)
March 29, 2019