Looking for help on "Tone of E-mails"

A few days back, I realized even though I am using "Please" and "Thank you"  my tone(the way I am writing formal e-mails) is not proper. In case you have experienced the same and worked out on it, please suggest how to improve it. It would be better if you could share some good email examples or some links or any material.

PS- I tried searching it on google but can't find the one I am looking for.

Thank you.

Mar 30, 2019 1:11 AM
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For IELTS General Training Writing Task 1, writers should hit the right 'tone' (depending on the recipient and the writer's relationship to that person, and the purpose of the letter) so googling for example letters, or -- looking in good quality books for example letters and just paying attention to the structures e.g. conditional structures to show 'tentativeness', sentence headers like "I was wondering if..." and connectors / cohesive expressions, this could help. The best thing is to mine good quality example letters for expressions because you can see them in context.    

March 30, 2019