wendy karani
what it takes to suceed?

Just wondering guys, what do you think it takes to succeed? Please share your thoughts!

*Feel free to share videos or articles that you have personally found useful in answering this question.*

Mar 30, 2019 11:35 AM
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you have to make a lot of mistakes to get it right.  The trick is don't make the same mistake twice.
March 30, 2019
I think it takes consistency. Most people know what to do. The hard part is implementing it on a consistent basis
March 30, 2019

there are four points that you have to do 

1. Plan = identification whats your goals and how to make it happen 

2. Do = make your plans happen and never complain about your mistakes 

3. Check = evaluate what you have done, if there is something wrong that made your goals did not happen as well as your expectation, find the way to solve it 

4. action = treat your evaluation to make your dreams happen as well as your expectation 

March 30, 2019
Maybe focus is the key. You have to be extremely patient and work hard. And luck is also there:)
March 30, 2019
The most important point is realizing who you are and what you can do. Do not overestimate yourself nor underestimate yourself.  

People should have their own tips to achieve success and these distinctive tips are hardly able to share with others since everyone has their weakness and strength.  Your medicine may be another's poison. 

Do you agree on this point of view? 
March 30, 2019
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