Want to translate something i've read in a comic!!

I wanted to read a comic today and i unsterstood quite a lot even if i suck at korean (for the parts i didn't understand i used Naver Papago (korean translator) but there was one sentence that i don't understand

꿈이구나, 뜬금없이 왜 그날 일을..

Can you help me?

Thank you^^

Mar 30, 2019 6:02 PM
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꿈이구나, 뜬금없이 왜 그날 일을.. 

=> Ah, it was a dream. But why that day's incident out of the blue ... (뜬금없이 = out of the blue; unexpectedly with no lead-up)

It is a very informal phrase of thinking out loud.  It looks like the person dreamed of an actual experience from his past and is wondering why he had that dream for no apparent reason.

March 30, 2019
Ah yeah, he dreamed of something in his past and how you said wondered why he dreamed that. Really, thank you!
April 1, 2019