Are boom barriers often found in residential areas of your city? Why have you chosen to install them?

As the number of vehicles (both private and for rent) constantly grows , many cities face the lack of car lots, that is , spaces for parking. This is also the case in my city. During the past few years many housing estates have installed boom barriers (or car park barriers - these are usually white and red bars :) ) to control traffic flow in residential areas and ensure the sufficient number of parking spaces for the people living there . However, whether the residents benefit from it or rather experience even more inconvenience is questionable.

Could you share your experience? Does your community use boom barriers to prevent the "through traffic" and strangers from parking in front of your house? Does it help? Do you know about any other measures to deal with the lack of car parking areas?

I guess , the second question in the title should have been "Why have you chosen to have them installed?". Sorry for the mistake, there's no opportunity to correct it after it has been posted.

Mar 30, 2019 9:01 PM
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A gate is mostly used for control the entry of vehicles, in particular for a community where the overall residents have bought to own the land to park so it is granted a foreign car would not allow for parking. 

As for the balance between supply and demand for community'es vehicles, that is another story to tell. A pertinent policy for a community is to well control the number of vehicles so that residents may have sufficient parking lots to park, which may be achieved by scanning card or barcode on the car. 

thanks for your question for me to mediate

March 31, 2019


Hah, that's a brilliant idea :) We did the same where we live but , as you've pointed out, it helps to stop parking near windows ( I know, the ground floor suffers most in this case) but it has limited use. I wonder, will these boom barriers help to keep parking spots free and available for the residents. When you get home after work and try to find somewhere to park your car but the whole yard, the whole common area is packed and you just can't cram your car between other cars .

March 30, 2019
Tenants of our house have installed flower beds in front of the house to prevent parking too close to the windows. 
March 30, 2019


Thank you for joining in! You're absolulety right in saying that the supply and demand dilemma is another story to tell.I guess, it's a next-level issue.

Speaking about the way of controlling the number of vehicles, are you saying that there is a quota of cars per family or something?

March 31, 2019