Do you receive emails from some scammers on this site ? I spot some scammers on this site . I hope everyone here should be carefull. 
Mar 31, 2019 2:36 AM
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I do get emails from people with ulterior motives, but I have no idea if they are scammers or not, I do not engage in a conversation with them.

Interestingly, I also get emails from teachers who claim to be students - trying to find out how to teach. I am always more than happy to share my knowledge, but they never want to book a lesson. They want the information for free and as fast as possible. I'm guessing they might be newbies who have a lesson booked with a student and need the information quickly :).
March 31, 2019
What did they do to you? Could you describe them?
March 31, 2019
@Miriam Thats exactly what i encountered too 
March 31, 2019

They can not do anything with me . I just feel so annoy because I have to waste my time to response before recorgnizing those are scammers. Most of them said that they were from the US or UK and work in the military in Afganistan . And they came here because their wifes were died of cancer and they have to find a wife here . I read about this type of scam in an article before.  Some women lost their money for the scammers. 

@Val Thank you . This morning I also received mess from that account  too . I think they create a new account but still use that pic . I can feel that is a scammer so i never responsed and deleted it 

March 31, 2019
Yes, I guess most users here receive mails by scammers. I also published a discussion about it:
March 31, 2019
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