dont understand this explanation..may somebody simplify it me with some examples...weather permitting what?
the subject of the participle is different from the subject of the verb, it goes at the beginning of the sentence.
إذا كان فاعل ( اسم الفاعل ) أو فاعل (اسم المفعول به) مختلف عن فاعل الفعل فإنه (الفاعل) يأتي في بداية الجملة. 
Weather permitting, we may drive to the beach.

Apr 1, 2019 12:19 AM
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Hi Hazem.  It's an example of what we call an "absolute phrase" (the noun and participle form their own phrase).  

Another way of expressing the same idea is: "if the weather permits, we may drive to the beach".

Other examples of an absolute phrases are: "God willing, we'll be able to travel next year", "having got up, we ate our breakfast", or "the temperature being warm, we decided to go for a picnic".

Sometimes there is a conditional element to these phrases, but sometimes they just express a completed action.  Often they link two separate ideas in a sentence.

I hope this makes sense!

April 1, 2019