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Apps for learning Chinese characters Hey guys, I'm doing a little reseach. If you are a Chinese learner who uses apps for learning, memorizing or reviewing characters, share the name of the app in the comments below please:)
Apr 1, 2019 12:42 PM
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I use Anki. 

(I've also tried Skritter, but I'm learning Cantonese, and they only have Mandarin pronunciation on Skritter.  I used the free version to practice writing radicals for a while, and it was great for that.  But on Anki I can make my own cards with exactly the information I want on them, choose exactly how the cards display, and just generally change the program settings in all kinds of ways.  Just about the only thing that you can't really practice on Anki is writing.)

April 1, 2019
April 1, 2019
April 28, 2019
I like ANKI. As Gray mentions, it’s infinitely customizable and adaptable.

Another great app is Pleco. I don’t use it for character writing practice, but the price for the premium version / extra functionality is comparable to a month of Skritter. Even the free version of Pleco is an absolutely amazing app.

I’ve never tried Skritter. Wish someone would explain how Skritter supposedly justifies the high monthly subscription fee.
April 4, 2019