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Let's Practice English

Hi my name is Loubna and I am from Morocco .I speak Arabic and a little English .l study English at university and i would like to practice it seriously,if you want feel free to contact me😊

Apr 1, 2019 3:23 PM
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Hi , how are you doing ?

I am from Iraq and I am interested in English too . I would like to learn English especially speaking If you are interested to learn speaking just inform me please.

April 1, 2019
Hello me also interested.. We can practice together to improve our English speaking and presentation power 
April 1, 2019
Hi, I'm Norma from Italy. I'm trying to improve my English and I'm looking for someone who wants to speak with me on skype. I can teach you Italian. Contact me if you are interested in language exchange. I'm not a teacher, just a student that want to learn fast.   
April 1, 2019