Taking up and giving up hobbies.

I can't return to the things I was doing before. It seems that when I give up doing something it's forever.
For example, languages. I've tried to learn Finnish and I can still say a few phrases like "My name is/I am from" stuff and a few words (and probably the most important of them is "a newspaper". Seriously, tell me, why is the "newspaper" one of the first words to be taught in any language? It looks strange: you've just started to learn a new language and here it is, waving with its imaginery hand, taking place of much more important words... Oh, I got off the topic a bit). Yeah, I've given up Finnish and I don't think I will ever get back to it, despite the fact that it fascinates me.
The same thing refers to drawing. I accidently took up drawing a few years ago and achieved pretty good results. Then there was a time when I didn't have enough time to draw, a then I met up cool artists and I didn't feel like drawing, when there were people with so developed skills, incomparable to mine. I haven't drawn for a few months now and I'm really sad about it, it used to be a great way to spend time for me.
And the last, but not least - sport. In my early childhood I spent a few years doing gymnastics. I was treated like I was supposed to become a professional sportsman, but I hated it. I dropped out when I was eleven and it was probably one of the best decisions of my life, but I still don't like sport at all. I can't force myself to start running or at least doing the easiest excersises, although I know I need it badly. 

And how about you? Have you ever started anything you gave up a long time ago? What do you do when you need to force yourself to do anything?

I'll be also very grateful for correcting this text. It's pretty simple and I tried to write informally and naturally. I ask you to help me to improve my writing skills

By the way, I'm looking for a language partner, you can text me, if you want.

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Apr 1, 2019 7:02 PM