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You never forget your first love I believe this phrase is said in every single country, but what do you think about it? Do you think this is true or false? Do you remember your first love?

I do remember my first love :) We are not really friends, we live in different countries and when I go back home and I see him, we politely salute one another and that is pretty much it, but it makes my day when I see that he is having a nice life and that he is happy. I really wish him all the best and think that he is a good person even though I don't even know him very well- it's been 10 years since we spoke last time (meaning that we said something more than "hello"), in that period people change, especially at that age, but I kinda feel that he grew up to be a good person.

So that would be my story, how about yours?
Apr 2, 2019 10:19 AM
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I met my first love 49 years ago.  We live in different cities and do not keep in touch.  But I often think about him.
April 2, 2019

My first love was a cute, popular girl in grade 10.

I was 15 years old at the time and also in grade 10.

We went to the movies on the weekend and to a friend's house for a party (while my friend's parents sat upstairs and paid close attention to the activities in the room where we were dancing and eating and even kissing sometimes).

It was the age of innocence.

Then, one day, she told me that her parents did not want her to have one steady boyfriend so we had to break up (stop being boyfriend and girlfriend).

I cried every night for the next week.
I thought my whole had come to an end.
It hadn't and it didn't.

Now, many years later, I remember very little of the three months we were together as boy/girlfriends, but I am glad I had the chance to be her friend. 

April 2, 2019

@soma thanks for sharing! :)

@Dinesh No, not really. :) I just saw this phrase and thought about my first love in order to see what is my experience and create an answer from my point of view. For me it ended up being true, since I really do remember my first love,  so I was just wondering if anyone else feels that way. I don’t really think about him on my own. I didn’t create this post because I think of him, but because of this phrase that made me wonder how true it actually is. :) 

April 2, 2019
I'm agree with you , I never forget my first love, but that don't mean I still have some felling to him. I just saved a beautiful memories and situations between me and him. Now l've true love that I never forget .
April 2, 2019
Love never dies 
April 2, 2019
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