Words vs Grammar Hello my sweetest friends 
Hope you all are fine 
I want us to share our opinions and knowledge(s) 
I hope we all interact 
Feel free to speak 
Let's help each other 
Let's make the world better
Express your opinions whatever they are 
This is my opinion and I wait for all of yours (your opinions)
I think that words are like a body and grammar is like a brain which controls/regulates the situations 
Just imagine "he have a baby" the right conjugation for he is has((present)) (he has a baby)or had((past))(he had a baby) 
The first sentence is so much confusing and meaningless as you may think that "they have a baby " or he has a baby" or or or ........................
So both are important 
You can consider that words are the vehicles and grammar is the traffic signs 
Thanks a lot for reading
Thanks so much for interaction
Apr 2, 2019 10:42 AM
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