Alma Gonzalez
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Looking for a French coach (professional teacher)


I'm looking for a French coach for lessons once a week. I need someone who is willing to provide guidance in terms of resources and materials for me to study independently (i.e. someone who knows all about online courses, useful video series, books, and all that you need in order to really improve your language skills). 

I studied French in high school for six years but that was ages ago and since I've never had to use my French I wouldn't be able to have a basic conversation if I needed to. I do think as soon as I start studying all the grammar will come back to my head fairly quickly (hopefully!). 

I'm a native Spanish speaker but if you're fluent in English that's alright too. I'm looking for someone who is a native French speaker. If you think you could help me please do get in touch. 

Thank you so much in advance,


Apr 2, 2019 12:52 PM
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who knows all...? I'm afraid you want to study one thousand years...
April 2, 2019


Je pourrai vous'aider améliorer vôtre français, on peut discuter  via Skype une fois par semaine et le weekend si vous êtes disponible. J'étais professeur (bénévolat) de français dans une association, si vous êtes intéressée on peut s'organiser. Sur ce, je vous dis à très bientôt. 

Bonne Journée.

April 2, 2019