David Mendez
Spain and? or vs.? Catalonia

To summarise what is well know, part of Catalonia has been asking the right for voting for independence. Mean while the other part of Catalonia and the whole of Spain, claim that that's something that concerns the entire population of the country. 

Everything has been tried, in the law and beyond it, but the situation never changes too much. For the last 10 years it seems as if everything is always going back to the starting point. 

In Spain you'd only find extreme opinions about the subject. It couldn't be other wise, as Spaniards are famous for being passionate about everything.

Most of foreigners living in Spain wouldn't dare to touch the subject fearing an argument or, which is worse, a long and boring monologue.

In conclusion, I would like to know which is the general knowledge and opinion about this subject outside Catalonia and the rest of Spain  

Apr 2, 2019 2:17 PM