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Have you ever tried to read Harry Potter and it was hard? Lets read it together!!

Hey folks

I'm a teacher for German as a Second Language and I want to start a project where we read Harry Potter in German and I provide you with Vocab, Pics and comprehention questions to make sure that you understand more naturally and without an annoying dictionary.

I would say that this is more fun in a groupe than alone. WHO is interested?

Or would you be interested in an other book?

Apr 2, 2019 3:41 PM
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Hello Together

I made it!!

the first chapter has vocab and questions

If you are interested in the study guid feel free to text me on italki or on skype (melanie.voser)

April 13, 2019
Hi) I tried to read 3 years ago. But I don`t use German for 2-3 years and forgot almost everything. I would like to join you too)
April 4, 2019
Hello, I would be interested. 
April 4, 2019

Hi tempus.eday.rerum

We can find an other time that fits better for everybody. I just suggested that time coz I am free for that specific moment. For further meetings we can doodle what fits best the most.

Fill out this form so I can contact you better with more details:

April 4, 2019
I am interested, but the class would be like 4 in the morning for me.
April 4, 2019
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