Learning Hanja

I have been casually learning hanja for the past two years and it's amazing how much easier it makes learning new words in Korean. 


I was with two friends who completed their military service and one of them mentioned the following word 


군 --> 軍 --> related to the army/military

행 --> 行 --> related to movement

so 군행 means " military exercise".

Making these sort of associations makes learning words almost effortless, fun even haha.

I highly recommend learning some hanja to native speakers of languages that historically have never used Chinese characters. 

Does anybody else have experience learning Chinese characters? How do you learn them? 

Apr 3, 2019 3:46 AM
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I studied Hanja.
Around 200.
There are good sites for it.
But beyond 200 i wont recommend.

April 15, 2019

i think what you mentioned is similiar with that i study english by using root words

for example, 'mal' of a root word means 'bad' in many english words

April 4, 2019
Yes, you are right. Some Korean word related with Chinese character, 'hanja'. When the Korean alphabet wasn't here, Koreans used 'Hanja' to write down. So, many Korean word related with the 'Hanja', but you should be carefull which all the Korean doesn't have connection with 'Hanja'. There were lots of pure Korean word. '집' is house in Korean. But, that is no the connection. FYI
April 5, 2019