How Would You Explain It? If you would like to start a new career in different field in the middle of your life, how would you explain the reason of doing it to people who will hire you or take you to the university?

What if the reasons are unhappy private life, that have taken your energy and attention till the present moment, or lack of discipline, or lack of self confidence, or lack of some other traits, and you developed them only recently? I don't think it is appropriate to tell that people about it. How the shift to a new field can be explained in neutral or optimistic way here? 
Apr 4, 2019 7:02 AM
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I think you’re correct. Certainly everything you’ve just mentioned could be stated positively: Your life experiences have gradually prepared you to take on bigger challenges. Take some time to remember and to reflect upon the specific situations and experiences that allowed you to develop discipline, confidence, and your other positive qualities, skills, knowledge and abilities. When you hear "tell me about yourself", list your positive qualities and as you mention each one, tell an anecdote that demonstrates it powerfully. Think about what motivates you and what gives you energy. Recall and make note of the details, then practice telling the anecdotes in front of a mirror (so you can more easily monitor your emotional state). You're on the right track.

April 4, 2019

You have to offer an image of looking forward and seeing the past in a positive way.  So you can use phrases like, "I've learned from this experience and...." or "the benefit of me taking this course was to discover that I this subject was not for me but ..... was".

Home stuff and the mental limitations that this can impose on you, i.e. reduced bandwidth due to stress.  You could talk about the learning experience of handling stress and development, but it would require a clear positive image that such problems are in the past and will not happen again.

Good luck

April 4, 2019
Thank you for your advice and support! 
April 4, 2019
Because people dreams never ends, so it's just normal that everyone should search for a better opportunities.

Also you can explain this by saying that you've been always interested in this kind of work and now is the time to make a move. I mean better late than never RIGHT!

And in my opinion; unhappy private life reasons could be taken positively by employers, Because it shows the real desire of changing.

April 4, 2019
That the previous job was good, i liked this and that about it. But I'm very interested in this new field.

April 4, 2019
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