writing, please correct me I am an English student of American language course. This is my second opportunity to learn English in higher level than before. For 16 weeks, I study about grammar, reading, vocabulary, writing and speaking, too. In the middle and last of course, there are tests to measure knowledge of students.

Two days ago, I got the middle test. I was so nervous. That was the first time for me. But the worries we're lost because I had studied before. I tried to read the question carefully and answered correctly. I was positive that I could get through all the test. But the one of all test that I thought difficult was writing. It was difficult as I couldn't remember the words that I had to write.

The point of test. Students have got to prepare before examination. There are many ways that can do. Listening, writing and reading are the best ways for studying. But every student has different ways for them selves. It makes more confidence to deal with test, so you can do the test easily. 
Apr 4, 2019 8:20 AM