Maybe I don't understand something??? Может я чего-то не понимаю? I'm native Ukrainian and Russian speaker. I had been studying English since my childhood and until my 20 years. My level was advanced. But I haven't used English for 7 years and my level become intermediate. I decided to start improve my English. I read a lot of articles about it. I start to watch movies in English, to read something in English if I have time. In one of articles I read that if u want to improve your language skills you should talk a lot, there was a link for this site. I decided to sign in and try to communicate. BUT. I can't understand why women, girls don't answer me. It's important for me to communicate with female. I'm married and I feel myself not good if I'll communicate with man. Maybe I don't understand something or do something wrong??? This site is for language exchange or maybe for something else???
If there are girls, women who want to learn Russian or Ukrainian or have nice conversation and have a friend from Ukraine, just write me, please)
Apr 4, 2019 2:58 PM
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I have been on this website for almost 2 years.  And I realized that most language exchanges never succeed.  I have tried language exchanges many times.  Most people are not serious about learning a new language.  They join this site and say all these things about studying a new language, but when it is time to actually have a conversation to practice, they become too busy.  People like that idea of becoming fluent in a new language, but they avoid the hard work required.

You just have to keep trying.  Send messages to 30+ women.  Perhaps 1-2 will reply and that is enough.

If not, you can pay for English lessons.  I stopped doing language exchanges, and I just pay for good teachers in Spanish and Portuguese.  It is a lot easier.  The teachers show up on time, they answer your questions, and they know how to teach.

April 4, 2019
There is nothing strange about this.  It is similar to how most people pay for a gym membership because it buys them that fantasy, that dream, about becoming fit and sexy, but then they never actually go to the gym to exercise
April 4, 2019
Viktoria, when you click on the profile of another member in the app, you can see right under the profile pic if the user is currently online or when they were online for the last time. I just checked with a member who was last online two months ago. I also mainly use the app. But the website offers more information about otjer users.
April 4, 2019

<a href="https://www.italki.com/user/6137429">Виктория</a>, I see that you have already answered some questions that iTalki members have asked about Russian.  That is very good! 

When I consider replying to someone who is looking for a language partner, I always check to see if they are putting serious effort into learning their new language (by writing notebook entries or asking questions on iTalki).  It also pleases me when I see that they have given some time to helping other language learners by correcting notebooks or replying to questions -- this shows me that they have a kind personality and that they understand that the iTalki community only works well when we mutually help each other (and that they aren't someone who just hopes to get free language lessons without giving anything in return).

Many iTalki members have said that they did not have any success finding partners by sending messages of introduction to potential "language partners."  I believe it may be better to spend your time participating in the other community parts of iTalki -- the discussions, the notebooks and the questions/answers.  

I think you are off to a good start because you are already helping Russian language learners and you are also here in the discussion section talking comfortably with other iTalki members.   If you continue to participate on iTalki, I think you will eventually find a nice language partner.  

April 4, 2019
Russian speakers who are learning English heavily outnumber English speakers who are learning Russian. Simple as that.
April 4, 2019
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