Katy Chen
English major undergraduate dissertation about The Bell Jar

I need to combine the theory of other with feminism. Does anyone know how to introduce the theory of other in my dissertation? There are philosophers like Hegel, Descartes and Edmund Husserl. Which one's theory of other is the most suitable to combine with feminism? I will also introduce Simone de Beauvoir's theory, but I need to firstly introduce the theory of other to make my introduction more complete. I would like to choose Edmund Husserl's theory.what's your opinion?

His theory: The term Othering describes the reductive action of labeling a person as someone who belongs to a subordinate social category defined as the Other. In human geography, to other an individual identifies and excludes them from the social group, placing him or her at the margins of society.(cited from wikipedia)

he condition and quality of Otherness, the characteristics of the Other, is the state of being different from and alien to the social identity of a person and to the identity of the Self. (cited from wikipedia)

Apr 5, 2019 3:54 AM
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I recommend you to read the opinion of Jordan Peterson on this topic. I think you will find many useful information:)
April 5, 2019
Hi. How are tou?! , the theory of other or theory of everything ?!
April 5, 2019
Thank you! I will look up.
April 5, 2019