christin Mistry
Hi in different languages Hi there or as we say in Norway "Hei Hei"

I know you can find this but at the same time it's confusing and sometimes it's not accurate and I just think this is fun and a nice way to learn it perhaps from natives.

Can anyone here help me with how you say/write Hi or hello in these languages/ countries?

• German

• Italy









• Hindi



Apr 5, 2019 8:27 AM
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In Gujarati and Hindi (not Hindu which is a religion haha) you can say namaste for hello but the english hi and hello are also common along with some other greetings that vary based on the religion of the speaker
April 5, 2019
German: Hallo
April 5, 2019

Spanish is "Hola"

French is "Salut" or "Hé!"

Russian is "Привет" (Privet) 

Italian is "Ciao" Although, I heard in Rome they like "Salvo" (Italians should clarify this) 

A lot of countries/languages have adopted the English "Hi" as a greeting. 

Are you interested in studying all those languages or simply interested in exploring them?

April 5, 2019