Do you think the discussion section is still useful?

As I scrolled down, I couldn't get any useful topic except the lang-partner-requests. However, the notebook and answers sections are useful for the learners to write and ask questions in their target languages. You seldom get any post related to the partner request there.

If I were italki, I would have got rid of the discussion section!

Okay, I know what you are going to say...:D

Wish you all have a great day!:)

Apr 5, 2019 10:48 AM
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If italki added one button to click on (like the "flag" button), we could alert italki to every Discussion post that is a Language Exchange Partner Request and is not a discussion. Then italki could easily and quickly move the Partner request to another page exclusively for people searching for language partners. 
April 5, 2019
The overwhelmingly majority of posts on the Discussion Board are " search of a language  partner."  If it weren't for people like Richard, Suki and Miriam, who have something interesting to say/ post, I wouldn't waste my time reading this board.
April 5, 2019

But without the discussion section we would have never met. I'd never have found out about Troglotopia! That alone was worth the effort participating here.

Edit: Sorry, for constantly correcting my typos.

April 5, 2019

Thank you all for your precious time and comments!  I knew that most of the people like discussion forum including myself, so I were italki I would have listened to the idea proposed by one of italki's generous members, Richard:)

Miriam, yes, I agree. I have spent some of my best time here especially in discussion section reading and writing comments and thanks to that, I met some nice and helpful people like you:)

Ishtar, ohh yes, you are so right, I never thought about it. they will find a way to look for language partners if the discussion section is removed:D

QuestionMark(?), Hahah. Yes italki appointed me to do some bad changes. But don't let them know that you have figured it out:D

April 6, 2019

I think it's safe to say that there is a large percentage of users here who are uncomfortable sending messages and/or friend requests to people who they have never interacted with before. For these people, discussion topics for the sole purpose of saying hello to new people serve a very real purpose. I think the evidence of the demand for such topics is quite evident from the state of the discussion board here.

So rather than shutting anything down, I'm with Richard that italki actually needs a new board—one for people to pop in, say hello, and announce to the world that they are open for business. Such a change would require, indeed, change. So for the time being, I have come to peace with our language-partner-request-post posting overlords.

April 5, 2019
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