Learn Spanish! Hello guys!

I think when something is really good it should be recommended to others. So I had a pleasant experience learning spanish with my spanksb teacher Jaume and I would like to recommend him to you! i managed to learn spanish in no time and what's really important - i started speaking it because from 1st class Jaume made me speak and besides boring grammar the classes were really good structured and conversation focused.

Jaume is a native and qualified Spanish speaker. He has a master degree in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. Now he gives Spanish lessons via skype for anyone interested! Thsese are paid classes but they are really efficient! I learnt Spanish really quickly and that changed my life cause I managed to find a work in Spain and now I live in Spain :) dreams come true just a bit pf pacience, efforts and time! We can!

Apr 5, 2019 10:53 AM